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* zooknot Greetings to all who decided to read my story. A little bit about myself - my name is Tatiana I am a student of the Faculty of veterenarnom summer 23 years. Just I say that I will write about really happened, if the story is a little paint excuse for lack of imagination, and a description of what happened. I apologize for the irony, but most of the stories written in the network pimply masturbators minimum and the maximum of all the girls who throw that zooledi. Really read this really funny especially when doing it for years, and fudge prosekayut immediately.

I'm no stranger to the theme of bestiality, now my zoo experience of 3 years during which time I had five breeds of dogs - dog, shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer and mongrel (although of course this is not the breed name). I myself have have a home dog - brindle boxer named Irwin (with whom I regularly). I will answer directly to certain questions you may have, "where I took all these dogs?" I answer, I engaged zooseksom help my friend who works in a nursery for growing dogs, he is brand new to me and picks up dogs. Well, I used to sit on the network and throughout his many experiences with whom to communicate, but at one point it turned out that all my boxes and other contacts in the network have been removed by someone and I lost all my friends and associates, we can say was in isolation of their interests.
Why ask such a long preface? It's simple! That this implies what happened. And so, having lost all the contacts I have decided to take advantage of a mobile phone which is registered in one of the mobile dating services, and began to look for interlocutors on zoo. For a long time come across some assholes who climbed with one and the same - "let's meet and fuck everything" and the case was muffled. How then waking up in the morning I noticed that the tube has a sms-ka of the girls "meet? I'm interested in the topic! "I said. I'm certainly looking companion to live from me somewhere close to the prospect of a meeting. I asked, "Where are you from?", She - "Moscow", I - "Smolensk", I realized that it is possible real.
And so to make contact (female name - Svetlana, 21, a student at the Moscow Institute of Economics and Finance), we talked for a long time one sms-kami, such communication lasted about 1.5 months and one day we wanted to speak in person, we phoned and then exchanged mms-kami and conventional and erotic, I showed her a couple of zoo photos. After the call, we agreed to meet, first in Moscow for a personal acquaintance (and even mms mms is well in life I wanted to see with whom you communicate). We met in Moscow - the month of July M. Kolomenskaya (agreed to go to the park), and then I took the train (to go the whole 3 hours) and went to Moscow. She came to the correct subway station, at the exit of a woman waiting for me, which was very plump, short, and 3rd chest size, but I want to note that the bulk of its compensated very beautiful face. We have met are now live, buy wine and went to the park, is located on the bank of the Moskva river in the picturesque village. Many talked about various things, Sveta had a huge unrealized potential sex she decided to throw in the zoo, I even very impressed for a long time looking for a girlfriend. In general the day went for her with questions "that as a yes," quietly and we went home. A few days later she came to me to Smolensk (I invited her and promised that she would try zoo), I met her and we went to the country house of my friend (he told us his kindly provided on weekends). Good weather finally after these stupid rain was adjusted and it was even too hot.
We took my dog ​​and went together to the river to bathe (river near the house of a class right), we went and I watched the light as she considered studying eye dog, and how she tried not to show that she was looking at him with a bag member it was still noticeable. In her behavior it was evident that she was a bit concerned and nervous, then I have got myself a conversation on the topic of her sex with my dog ​​again we have discussed a lot of things, and she relaxed. On the river we swim and lay on the blanket, my dog ​​got out of the water shook himself came to us sat down and began to lick when he came to his penis out of the bag got his cock a decent size, and crimson, he began to lick it. I bent down and took his penis in her mouth and began to fondle Irwin fell to the side and relaxed (already familiar). Light with a view dumbfounded staring at us. I did that for about 5 minutes and then said, "Light now you come," she blushed, hesitated and said, "Tan nuuuu .... I Do not Know "but still moved to the dog and started to fondle his penis hand (and it more and more out of the bag), then I completely pulled out of the bag member, was heard as breathing light became frequent and deep and it was evident that she was excited (and at the bottom of the swimsuit panty, a large spot of light flowed in general).
It nadrachivat continued his hand and I decided that it was time to translate into action otherwise it will. Sveta bowed her head almost to the member and to consider it, and took her head with one hand while the other took a member of the dog she did not even realize I abruptly thrust his penis into her mouth, she grimaced and stopped first but then began to make itself translational movements of the head. And what do you think after five minutes, I was stunned, Light with such fury and passion that the dog does blowjob poskulivat even began and just a little bit, and he finished it in her mouth. Listen, I just have not finished itself from the sight, she swallowed and the remnants of sperm and saliva dripping down her chin, his face crimson with tension and excitement. Then we swim again, and she was in the wild delight of the incident and talked about their feelings and desires without ceasing (for a long time I have not seen such excitement). Then we packed up and went back into the house. While we bathed my friend (I wrote about it above, it is always aware of my tricks), we covered a funky table and heat the bath and he left so as not to interfere. We drank wine and ate fruit, but as always we finished the wine, and then I went to the house where was harvested liter bottle of vodka. In general, we mustered great. Time passed and the dog rested and had started to show interest in his new girl (I mean Svetku), we continued to be in bathing suits, Irwin smelled the smell of a woman's panties like me and have Svetka (because at that point yet, none of us not finished but from what happened flowed both). First, the dog began to knock and try to lick between my legs, I was already madly wanted, but had to suffer the most, he covered Svetku (since two consecutive no dog can not).
I said that the light spread her legs and pulled her panties and she called him, she did so and immediately orient Irwin ran to her sniffed and began to lick her pussy champ. Light of new sensations and pleasure arched in his deckchair spread her legs wider and then completely took off her panties, she massaged her breasts rubbing the clitoris, and gently moaning, occasionally grabbing the dog's head and stronger and poking his nose between her legs. So she asks first finished, and so violently that litter deck chairs on which she was sitting there on the spot size is impressive. We drank some more and I said, "Light Well try for adults?", She replied, "Let's try." We called the dog and have the Light itself has started to be active, she stroked Irwin's head while the other hand began to massage him a bag with a member, the member began to grow, she smeared hand in their secretions and smeared dog muzzle the nearly mad by the smell and completely fell Member out of the bag. She took the cock in her mouth and started to do blowjob moaning and smacking, occasionally spitting grease that accumulate during a blowjob in her mouth.
Then she asked me, "Tanya what to do next?". I brought home a blanket, bedspread and wool socks. The blanket thrown on the lawn of the bath so it was not hard to stand on his knees, the dog put on wool socks legs and secure them so they do not fall down. Light while I was doing it all play with him. I prepared all we had another a drink and I said that she got on all fours on the blanket she did so, Irwin immediately rushed out of habit on top of her and began friktsionirovat I barely pulled it slipped Light on the back cover and helped a good dog to climb on She (the girl just plump), and here he is on top of her, I told her to take him by the front legs and held tight to their dog can not jump out. When everything is settled in the right position, I took a member of the Irwin who already being worked booty steadily back and forth and sent a member of the World in the vagina, but I did not expect she asks when she felt his cock jerked and jumped with the words "Oh, Mommy." I reassured her that all would be well again, and we have done all the same, and this is the second attempt, I introduced her to a member of the Irwin began to fuck her as if never in his life did not knit. When the cock began to get deeper and deeper into it go from Amy heard the "Oh Mommy .... Oh no ... Oh no, "and the person at the same time broke into bliss. The farther and deeper fucked her dog were replaced by the words "Yes yes yes oh yes, I'll fly right now let my little class" and much more. Sveta squirmed under the dog moaned squealed (dog paw but did not let that did not come off well done) cock in her pussy chvakal stronger and stronger on the inner surfaces of the legs trickled streams of its secretions mixed with grease dog. After 10 minutes of light has upper torso dropped on the blanket and her big breasts flattened beneath her, and remained battened down ass up.
It lasted 25 minutes, the light was already somewhere far away in nirvana she moaned more and languid drawl, and now, after 25 minutes, the dog made a strong leap in and stopped (it began to swell in the base member of the assembly, as always happens when the dogs start to finish ) Light shrieked shrieked said it hurts a little bit, I held the dog's ass that he is not twitching and here he began to finish it, and she too finished. As a result, they stoyale in the castle (coupling) for 10 minutes, then the unit has started to subside and a member of the dog jumped out of her vagina, after it flooded a large number of sperm that flowed down her legs. Sveta collapsed completely in a blanket and lying barely breathing but from her Kitties oozing sperm. So my new girlfriend has lain for 20 minutes then stood, the blanket was wet from its moisture and sperm.
She said "It's just something incredible full of flies." And I'm always amused that she was playing with him (which does not make for the sake girlfriend that she got fun, so I stayed the night without sex). I saw how she and the dog came, and then she told me that before the entire process is finished 2 more times (even I have so many times does not work). Then we collected their clothes and went to the bath, there is all that faded stained hung out to dry and went to bathe. Hover showered in the bath and went into the house. Irwin was in bliss on his couch and slept. Light me many times more grateful for our meeting and what gave her such a craze and helped realize a dream. And so it ended our day. The next day I spent my girlfriend on the train and she went back home to Moscow. Now we communicate regularly and became friends. Pans there are many more, but there again, I left with a light parents at sea.
Thank you for your patience who read the story, do not judge strictly if that. Maybe something incomprehensible and incoherent or written, but the truth. I will be glad to new acquaintances, write to me on e-meil: I will answer all of 100%, the preference for girls and couples. Just please write only those who are interested in this in the real world, together with a letter directly please send a photo (I like to see with whom I communicate) with a response to his letter send your photo. ICQ will tell if we communicate.
Guys who will write nonsense - do not waste your time with me a ride !!!
2015-07-15 19:00
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* zooknot * zooknot This is my true story.
     My name is Marina. I grew up in a small town in the Ukraine. When I was 16, I did not yet have the concept about the Internet. At that time I was no longer a girl but a sexual experience was poor. and how many girls tasted the taste of sex but do not enjoy it, I would like to have sex all the time. but my partner was not, and throw in the trousers that fell to the first guy, I was not going to. I had to spend his nights doing masturbation.
     because I lived with my parents in the private sector have as many had a dog in the yard. a dog I had a Jack - Shepherd mix with a mongrel and it looks like a Rottweiler. short shorthair large mongrel. One evening in the summer, I was sitting on a bench in the courtyard, I was approached Jack
     he always wanted to have (although fed him as nauboy) and I was not surprised when he started licking my hands.
     - So leave me alone! I told him and slapped on the head
     He flattened his ears and put his head on my lap times continued to put out his tongue. I relaxed thinking about something and almost forgot about it.
     I spread a little relaxed Kalenkov and then I felt like Jack licked between my legs. his hot tongue touched so nice that through her panties, I felt it. afraid that I can see, I pushed him away. but a spark caught fire in my eyes.
     I badly wanted sex and because I'm tired of itself to meet I thought why Jack did not lick my pussy about it because no one will know. at home I was no one to have him there, I did not dare fearing that someone from the family will I explain that I am a dog doing in the house with the door closed. I decided to lure him into the barn. lure it with a piece of bread, I took him to the barn. I sat on a stool and spread her legs
     -Jack come here will give something tasty, let's not be afraid
     He went a little bit afraid that I will again scold. I stroked his head and pulled closer. He started licking my thighs but I wanted more. you can see the smell of Jack pednes nose to the crotch, I pushed her panties to the side giving freedom to their lips tensed. He touched him the language. oh yes it was what I've been mechtala.dzhek literally licked me while I dip a finger in the hole and gave him to lick it. I spread her knees as wide as possible by opening his eyes, my little shaved pussy. so I am helping him with a finger I finished writhing in convulsions.
     -Jack you're lovely
     skazalaya he rose from the chair shook herself and went home to wash, but I shook his legs so that I could not go. it was so cool that I have become quite common to call Jack in the barn should leave the family home. but then I wanted more, and this day was possible to say a turning point in my sexual practice but that on the other side
2015-07-15 19:08
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